Friday, February 11, 2011

UFO Bust Report and Ironing Table

Until this morning, my UFO Bust Report was going to be "nothing accomplished." However, I found one of the charity tops still on my list along with the backing fabric I set aside for it.

My mom sent me some of the house blocks a few years ago. Maybe she made them or maybe she won them at her guild through a Block of the Month drawing. I don't know. I made a few more houses at retreat two or three years ago, sashed them and completed the top. I think I was trying to just finish the top at retreat and had to use what I had brought which is why there is planet fabric along the sides for a border to make it wider. The rest of the planet fabric is going on the back.

Kind of a crazy combination of fabrics, but hey, it's all from my stash! I'd like to get this basted and quilted this weekend but we'll just have to see. It is still ski season so the husband will be gone again at least one day this weekend. Also the son and I still have Market Day preparations to finish along with Valentines to address for Monday.

Today I thought I would show you the awesome ironing table my husband made for me a few years ago.

The ironing surface is 22" wide by 50" long. It has casters on one end so I can move it to access the fabric bins behind it. The shelves hold my thread bins, button tins and baskets full of embellishments and pre-fused fabrics. There is a narrow shelf right below the ironing surface for ruler storage. I don't know how tall it is, but it is a little taller than most ironing boards will go. I am tall so it is was made to be ergonomically correct for my height.


Karen S said...

I like the combinations of fabrics -- brights all go together.

What a nice ironing table -- I've been hinting around for years -- maybe I should just ask.

Mama Pea said...

I didn't get my UFO post done yet. Maybe tomorrow. It has just been so busy. I just got home from work at 9:30 tonight. I'm pooped! Your top looks good. I sort of like how bright and funky everything is.

I love your ironing board! Very clever. The ruler storage is a huge bonus. How awesome!

Nathalie said...

Hi, I love it ! Where did you find the fabric with the planets? Thank you very much.