Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Chinese Finger Puzzle Quilt

This is another top I've made in preparation for Sew a Jelly Roll Day coming up in September.

The top requires one jelly roll (40 2 1/2" strips) and that's it! Without borders, as shown, it will finish at 48" by 56". I used a jelly roll from Sweetwater's Cookie Exchange fabric line from Moda.

This is one of the free patterns I'll be handing out in my shop next month with the purchase of Jelly Roll or any of our 2 1/2" strip packs.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Everything Old is New Again :: Chenille

Last weekend I tried the chenille technique for the first time. This is not a new technique, but I'd never done it now. I used five of these panels.

You have to line things up, pin in place, then sew diagonal channels. Actually, I marked the sewing lines on the top one first, then layered the panels. I sewed them half inch apart. Cut the top four layers between the sewn lines, wash and dry.

I put an envelope backing on mine with binding. This way it can be a wall hanging or a pillow. I'll have to make a pillow form for it since it finished at an odd size, about 17" by 21".

I could have been more careful when lining things up, but I think it turned out alright. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jiffy Jelly Roll Grunge Dots Quilt Top

I'm preparing for National Jelly Roll Day. It will be September 16th this year. 

I'm putting together some samples of quilts made from Jelly Rolls. This one is called the Jiffy Jelly Roll Quilt. It uses pretty much every bit of a jelly roll and makes a 48" by 60" finished size quilt. I love that there is nothing left of the jelly roll!

This will be one of a few free patterns I'll be giving to customers on National Jelly Roll Day with the purchase of a Jelly Roll.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cake Mix Recipe 3 :: Part 2

I've got the center together!

It measures 33" by 43" at the moment. I think it needs a border. I'm trying to decide which fabric to use for the border. 

I only used half of the layer cake for this and have a few half square triangles (HST) left over. I'm planning to piece the rest of the layer cake squares together to make the back. The rest of the HST will just get added to my scraps stash. I can always use already made 2.5" HST!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


A friend recently went to Alaska and brought me back a gift!

She knows me well. It is blue with circles. Love it!

Another gift, this one from a customer.

She has an embroidery machine, loves to use it, and is quite good with it too. She makes these adorable zipper pouches with various designs on the front. She gifted me this one last week.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

UFO Progress

This one has been in progress for quite some time. The last time I showed it to you was in November 2014! Click here to read that post.

Recently I put the final quilting stitches in!

I'm not sure if I want to put binding on this or a facing or something else. I'll think about it for a bit. Obviously I'm in no hurry to get this finished!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cake Mix Recipe 3

I had so much fun playing with Cake Mix Recipe 1 that I decided to pick another one to play with. If you don't remember what I ended up making with recipe 1, click here to see that finished top.

Recipe 3 makes 2" finished HST units. I chose a layer cake from the Haiku fabric line from Moda.

There are lots of blocks you can make with HST units but I decided not to make blocks. Instead, I'm trying to create a design with them. Above is my current favorite layout. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Basic Embroidery

After completing my hand embroidered Colorado State Bird & Flower piece there was interest in having a basic hand embroidery class at my shop. So I've started a little piece as a class sample.

My plan is to stitch on the lines which are printed on this fabric. I'm limiting my colors to the three you see above, light gray, charcoal and turquoise. I'm using Eleganza size 8 threads but any embroidery floss will work. 

Students will be able to choose to work on either the Colorado State Bird & Flower block or on a fat quarter of the fabric shown above. The advantage of these is that everything is printed on the fabric so you can just start stitching. The class will start with back stitching and go from there. Should be fun!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hand Quilting :: Postcard from Sweden

I completed the top of my version of Postcard from Sweden in February 2016. (click the link to see full photos) I dug it out recently and decided to finish it.

I'm hand quilting it just for fun using several different 12 weight Sulky Blendables threads for the quilting. I'll quilt each triangle using an appropriate color from my limited selection of these threads. The brown stitching you see in the ditch are just basting threads. I basted it on my HQ Sweet 16. All of that stitching will come out.

This will take a while but I'm not in a hurry.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Puzzle Quilt 2 :: A Finish

In my last post I shared with you my first Puzzle Quilt finish, here is the second.

For the back I chose this fun print.

This one is also ready to donate to my guild's oncology quilt project.

I did a tutorial for this quilt if you are interested. Click here to go to the tutorial.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Puzzle Quilt 1 :: A Finish

My boys (husband and son) took a quick trip last week which gave me a little time to sew in the evenings. I took the opportunity to finish a couple things.

My first finish is the first Puzzle Quilt I made. The link will take you to the tutorial I did for this quilt.

I just happened to have the perfect backing fabric in my stash.

It's done and labeled and ready to donate to my guild's oncology quilt project.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Zippy Crossbody Bag

I tested a new bag pattern.

This one is a keeper! I made the "full size" version which finishes at 8" by 8".

The front has two outside zippered pockets.

The back has one outside zippered pocket.

The top closure is a fourth zipper and inside there are two more pockets.

At 8" by 8" finished size, this is not a large bag, but it does have lots of pockets and is a great size for carrying the essentials. The strap is long. I had to knot it to get a good photo. The pattern calls for adding a slide to the strap to make it adjustable, but I only had a 1" slide, not the 1/2" slide the strap needs. I can add it later though with minimal ripping.

This one is a shop sample so I'll need to make another one for myself! I'll wait to do that after I get the proper sized slides in stock at the shop though.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Why did I wait so long to make one of these?!

I've had all the stuff for over a year! It only took about 30 minutes to make the first one, which included reading the instructions and practicing putting on the zipper pull. It took about 20 minutes to make a second one.

I'm going to need to add this pattern and the supplies to my next order so I can have these in my shop.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

After the Snow Projects

I've completed another panel design.

This one is more a wall hanging. I thought about adding another border using the border stripe print in the fabric line, but ultimately decided against that. Instead I used the border stripe print and some extra star blocks to make a table runner.

The quilt will be 34" by 54" when finished and the runner will be 25" by 40". The runner does lay flat! I didn't realize how waffly the edges look in the photo. It's just because it is laying on the grass instead of hanging.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Row by Row Experience Begins

The fun began yesterday and goes through September 5th. I got the pattern for this little lady last year but just got around to making her.

This is Bobbin the Robin and she is the official mascot of Row by Row. Isn't she adorable?!

The pattern is easy. I'm not sure why I put off making her.

The shoes are 18" doll shoes (think American Girl Doll). Her legs are BBQ skewers painted white and then I used a Sharpie marker to make the black stripes. There is air-dry clay inside the shoes so she can stand up.

The theme for this year is "On the Go" and this is the row for my shop.

Our row celebrates Alamosa as a town "on the go!" Alamosa was founded as a railroad town. The whole town was transported on flatbed railroad cars from just east of Ft. Garland in the summer of 1878 and set up in just a few days. There is a famous story that the owner of the hotel served his guests breakfast in Ft. Garland and dinner in Alamosa that same day in the same building! Just like last year, our row was designed by Janet Davis exclusively for Alamosa Quilt Company.

If you want a kit you can come in to the shop or call to order one, (719) 937-2555, or email me or leave a comment so I can email you. Please do not send credit card information in an email or comment though! I'll call you for that.

Row by Row rules do not permit shops to mail out any patterns or kits until November 1st. This is so that only folks who actually go into shops are eligible to win the associated quilt contest, which ends October 31st. So if you do call to order a kit, just be aware that we are not allowed to ship it to you until November 1st. Last year we took orders, processed the sales and packaged everything to be ready to ship on November 1st. That way everyone who called was assured to get a kit, since we set one aside specifically for them at the time of purchase. For more information, go to the shop Row by Row page by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Just Because

I've had the materials for this bag sitting next to my sewing machine for several weeks. Last weekend I decided to set aside the shop sewing I needed to do and make something for myself. This was handy and quick.

This Moda Man comic print canvas is too funny! It was one of those things that when I saw it I knew I had to have some for my shop. For the lining I used the light blue polka dot print that is also on the straps. 

It's just a simple tote bag. No pockets, zippers, magnetic snaps or anything fancy. I used the same method that I show in my trick or treat bag tutorial. For this one I started with 18" squares and cut a 4" corner out to box the bottom. For the handles I used cotton webbing (two pieces that are 24" long) but I also cut a strip of the lining fabric to dress them up. I stitched the fabric strips to the cotton webbing leaving about an 1/8" of the cotton webbing showing on either side of the fabric strip.

It holds a lot of stuff and has become my main bag for hauling stuff between home and the shop each day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Funny Farm Quilt Top

I'm in design mode - designing some panel quilts. This is the first one. The fabric line is Funny Farm.

This is a panel we've had in the shop for a few months, but I'm just now getting around to designing a project for it. The quilt will finish at about 40" by 52".

I got a couple of Christmas panels to work on next. I have one of the quilts designed but haven't had a chance to make it. That is high on the list for this week. The other one is still in the planning stage.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Hand Embroidery

I received a fabric in my shop recently that is printed with the Colorado State bird and flower.

I thought these would be perfect souvenirs for tourists traveling through who stop at my shop, especially since they only cost $1.00 each! A local customer purchased one and embroidered it then turned it into a pillow sleeve. It is adorable! So I decided to embroider one.

I'm not sure what I will do with mine, but it sure was fun to do and didn't take very long. I used size 8 Eleganza pearl cotton embroidery thread for my version and it measures about 10" by 10" at the moment.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Allium Spool Sac :: A Finish

I'm so excited to be able to use this bag!

It was easy to finish once I had all the supplies. I ended up having a little bit of cork fabric left over and used it for the bottom. I hope it will be more durable than the wool the pattern called for.

Here is what it looks like opened.

It holds three of the zipper pouches, which each hold 72 spools of thread. As you can see, I have room to grow my thread collection. ;)