Monday, September 19, 2011


Not much sewing for me lately. My current project is painting radiator covers. A few months ago I hired a local carpenter to make radiator covers for 5 of our radiators. I told him that I wanted to paint them so he made them out of MDF. It paints beautifully, but they don't paint themselves.

These two go in the living room. I primed them yesterday. I hope to get two coats of paint on them today. The dining room one is also in the garage and primed, just not in the picture. If I get these three painted today then I will have only one left to do. I hope to be finished with this job this week.

Also on today's agenda is to teach my neighbor how to paper piece. She is recently retired and a new quilter. We are trading quilting lessons for piano lessons. I teach her to quilt and she teaches my son piano. So far she has made a baby quilt for her first granddaughter

and she is currently making a table runner for her dining room. She has been unhappy with her accuracy so far. I keep telling her that she is learning and that accuracy will come with experience. But I know how frustrating it is to work on something and have it not turn out the way you envisioned or the way you think it should. So we are going to give paper piecing a try.


Deborah in Atlanta said...

Paper piecing was a bit intimidating when I first did it, and when I left the class I swore I would never, ever paper piece again. But that was before my daughter (the one that never ever asks for anything) asked me to make a lap-sized calendar quilt for her (the calendar quilt was supposed to be a small wall hanging). One lap-sized paper pieced quilt later, and I can finally say I'm enjoying it.

If your piano teacher is interested in a log cabin quilt, you should get her to try the Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Quilt in a Day. I was absolutely shocked at how fast that quilt worked up, and how easy it was to do. I have a co-worker I helped last year make one for her sister, and she was so pleased with the simplicity.

Melissa ;-) said...

Isn't that the worst part about sprucing up the house - the "sprucing" part? LOL! Great deal you have going with your neighbor there. Tell her that is a lovely quilt.

Jen said...

Have fun painting! Love that you are trading for quilting lessons. What a fun way to work off those piano lessons :)

Deborah said...

What a wonderful trade! I just love to barter.
But I hate to paint. You go girl!

Mama Pea said...

Your radiator covers are really pretty! It's very nice of you to teach your neighbor to paper piece. That will be fun to have a playmate close by!

Linda said...

Are the radiator covers made from wood? They looks really nice. Did you use a special paint? Cuz there furniture...chipping and such? I need to paint some desks for the girls and I have been wondering what to use because they'll be subject to use and I want the paint to last. Do you know what I mean??