Friday, July 12, 2013


Our driveway has needed replacing for several years.

It is one of those old style ones with the gravel down the center. The gravel travels everywhere. Weeds grow in the gravel. And you can't easily shovel snow off the gravel so it just builds up all winter.

Here is Miss Spooky Boo modeling a section that has spalled badly.

It is also really difficult to shovel snow off of spalled concrete.

This has nothing to do with the driveway, but just look at how this crazy cat was sleeping the other night.

She was like this for about an hour!!

Back to the driveway. I sent the boy out to take pictures of the driveway before they came on Monday morning to begin removing it.

He took the first two pictures in this post as well as many more similar ones. Then there were about a dozen of the above type photos along with some video of him spinning on the sidewalk in front of our house. Ten seconds of the first one of those and I felt like I was going to hurl!

It was a good thing I sent him out early on Monday because the driveway was completely gone in about 2.5 hours! The bobcat got to spend the night in front our house.

The boy asked to have his picture taken on it.

The new driveway is much wider, about 4 feet wider and one solid piece.

view from street

view from house
They said not to park on it until Sunday. The husband will probably make us wait a day or two longer.


Denise in PA said...

Oh, that will be so much easier! Love the photo of the sleeping Spooky - that is some pose - LOL! Cute pic of the boy too!

Vicky F said...

What a great looking driveway. Weirdly enough, we had our long-cracked driveway replaced this week (yesterday), too. We were told not to drive on it for a week. We did our front walk, too, while we were at it.
Vicky F

Mama Pea said...

What a great looking driveway! We need to replace ours, too. It's asphalt, and the guy before us never bothered to seal, it's all cracked and falling apart. We are hoping to do what you did one of these days, but our driveway is 140 yards long. So, it will be really expensive. We are saving up!