Friday, July 25, 2014

Poor Miss Spooky Boo

Our kitty is not feeling well. She and I spent an hour at the vet yesterday. She was poked and prodded and stuck with needles. Sadly, she felt so bad that she didn't even complain.

All of this told us that she has a very bad urinary tract infection. She wouldn't eat or drink and hadn't for two days so they also gave her some fluids. I'm happy to report that she did eat a little this morning and drank some both last night and this morning.

I've been doing more hand sewing lately with all the travel. I'm almost finished with my second panel for my Over the River and Through the Woods quilt.

I planned to do some quilting yesterday, but since Spooky had such a bad morning I didn't feel like moving her so I could quilt.


Marlene said...

hope Spooky is on the mend. It is awful when they are not well and I too couldn't move her off the quilts-she looks content there. Stitchery looks wonderful.

quilthexle said...

Poor kitty ! Hope she's well again in no time !

Mama Pea said...

Hope Spooky is doing okay. Our pooch is in very poor shape. I'm not sure if she'll make it through the next week.... :-( Very sad time at our house.