Friday, September 5, 2014

Day Three with Sue

Yesterday I learned how to do needle turn applique!!!! Here is me and Sue with my almost completed needle turn applique heart.

I tried needle turn applique 15 years ago and hated it. I've resisted it ever since, until yesterday. I need a lot more practice, but I was pretty pleased with my heart. It was just a practice piece but I might make a label out of it for my class project.

Speaking of my class project, it is starting to take shape. Here is what it looked like yesterday morning.

There will be lots of leaves added to the tree but I haven't cut them all out yet. I got the trunk of the tree tacked down and started appliqueing the roots down.

All the ladies in the class are so much fun, as is Sue. Everyone's projects are so different. It is fun to walk around see them take shape. If you ever get a chance to take a class from Sue, do it, especially if it is a multi-day class. I've learned a lot and we still have two more days.

Tomorrow we will be doing some embroidery stitching. We are all working on small samplers to practice the stitches on. I'll show you mine another day.

I also wanted to show you the view from our condo.

We are looking out on the ski area. The elk is standing on a gas fireplace. We have two rooms plus two bathrooms. One room is the bedroom with two queen size beds. The other room is the kitchen (a full kitchen), plus dining room that seats about 10, and a living room.

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Mama Pea said...

I am going to have to back track to find out where you were staying. What a beautiful view! Needle turn applique...yeah, hard for me, too!