Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Two Cute Things

I didn't make either of these things but thought you might enjoy seeing them.

First thing: 

Last week I was given a fun pin.

All the ladies at Kathy's Fabric Trunk were wearing them and this one went so perfectly with my outfit that day. It was made by Char, one of the ladies who works at Kathy's. She does beautiful beadwork and jewelry. I wore it on Halloween too.

Second thing:

Even though I didn't get to attend my recent guild retreat, I still got a goodie. How cute is this?

The yo-yo on top is attached with a magnet so it can easily come off.

The jar is a spice jar. The maker left the hole part on the inside so that you could use this as a sewing tool. 

The idea is that you can put a couple spools of thread inside and feed an end of the thread through a hole. I suppose you could put five bobbins inside and feed one thread per hole. I haven't done anything with it yet except photograph it and give my son the candy. I'm using the yo-yo as a magnet on my magnet board in my sewing room.

1 comment:

West Michigan Quilter said...

Oh, my, love that pin even if it is a spider! What a cute way to repurpose that spice jar. I was wondering what it was and was glad to see all the pictures. Cute idea with the magnet on the top too.