Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Goose on the Loose :: Block 12

Are you ready for the final block? It's another paper pieced block.

Here is what you will need:

(4) copies of the pattern - download that here from Piece by Number and print them out making sure your printer is set to print full size - no scaling or "fit to page".

(12) 3" by 4" rectangles of scrap fabric for the geese [label these "#1,4,7"]
(4) 3" by 4" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#2"]
(4) 2" by 5.5" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#3"]
(4) 4" by 4.5" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#5"]
(4) 2" by 6" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#6"]
(4) 2" by 7" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#8"]
(4) 3" by 7" rectangles of background fabric [label these "#9"]

The numbers I'm telling you to label your pieces with are the ones used on the pattern. You should have 7 labeled stacks - one for the geese and six for the background pieces.

An Add-a-Quarter ruler is optional but very helpful.

You can paper piece the block using any method. There are at least two that I am aware of: (1) sew through the paper (which is what I did) and (2) use freezer paper and don't sew through the paper. I did a tutorial on the second method a few years ago. Click here to go to my tutorial.

As I said, I used the first method for this project. I printed out the patterns onto Carol Doak's foundation paper, cut out the patterns and sewed directly to the paper with a shortened stitch length. I used a 2.0 stitch length on my BERNINA 380. When it comes time to tear off the paper, gently run a pin along the seams lines to score the paper and it pulls off fairly easily.

Note: Knowledge of paper piecing is assumed. If you need assistance with the "sew through the paper" method I recommend you refer to Carol Doak's tutorial. Click here to go to her tutorial.

The pattern is for a quarter of the block. You will need to make four of them. 

And then sew them together.

Here are all of my blocks.

I'm trying to decide how to sew them together. I know that I want to sash them in some way. Originally I had planned to add a flying geese border but now I am rethinking that. Because I am planning to donate this one to charity I'm not sure I want to spend the time to make a pieced border. More importantly, a pieced border would make this one too large for the charity I have in mind.

Check back in on March 15th. I'll make a decision soon and have it finished by then. Well ... I'll have the top finished by then. Not sure when I'll get it completely finished.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Love how this quilt is looking. Great job!