Friday, May 5, 2017


I'm good at starting things! Not always so good at finishing, but ...

The first start is this pattern that I recently got in at the shop.

Here are the two blocks I've made thus far.

I'm having a grand time sorting through my stash of 5" squares for this one. One of the scrap groups at my shop will be starting on this quilt soon as their project.

The second start is this block.

The above block finishes at 12" square and is made from my scrap bin. I've been looking for a pattern to use up my 7" Frivols squares and this one is it! I resized the block so that it will finish at 9" square so that I can cut all the pieces from my 7" squares from my Frivols tins. I don't have a picture of these yet but I will be sharing it with you soon along with the measurements so you can make one too if you want.

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Sherrill said...

CUTE! Love them both!