Monday, January 27, 2020

Homegrown Progress

In 2018 I participated in Sue Spargo's BOM Homegrown. I'm still working on getting it quilted but I'm making good progress.

There are 27 houses surrounding the center tree block. I've quilted the center block plus 22 houses thus far. I'm quilting by hand using the seed stitch. 

In shop news, here is a link to the latest newsletter if you are interested: Alamosa Quilt Company Newsletter. Our Local Quilt Shop Day Event on Saturday went well. And we will be taking sign-ups for the 2nd Saturday Sampler Club through the end of February.


West Michigan Quilter said...

That is so beautiful. I bet you had a great time making it. It looks like so much fun.

SueR said...

I'm doing it now too and am on November. October had flowers 1-6, November has 12-20 and December has 12-16. Is there an error in the numbering?

Unknown said...

Could you please post a picture of your border for the Sue Spargo Homegrown as I would love to see how you completed the hand quilting on your border as I have just finished the quilt and trying to decide whether to hand quilt or send to be machine quilted.

Lynn said...

I can post a photo of the border when it is finished. I haven't posted anymore about it because I am still working on it.