Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Baby Quilt

 File this one under "done is better than perfect."

baby mat quilt

baby mat quilt back

I should have taken more time in squaring up the top after quilting to get the design centered better. Oh well! 

This is part of a baby mat panel that I have in my shop. I cut off the left side with the numbers because I wanted it to be just a quilt. I free-motion quilted it myself on my new Q20 using an all-over swirls motif. 

Here is what the whole thing looks like. It's about 42" by 54" off the bolt.

baby mat

The idea of this baby mat is that you can put baby in the center on the right hand side and then use something like an embroidery hoop to mark the age of the baby when the photo was taken.

baby mat with model

This is great for the mom who loves to photograph her baby every month. You don't even need to quilt it!

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