Friday, April 8, 2022

Wind Drifter

 I recently tested another new pattern. This one is for a quilt.

Wind Drifter quilt top

The pattern is called Wind Drifter and the cover is shown in the photo above. The pattern includes instructions for two sizes of finished quilt: 32.75" by 32.75" and 65" by 65". I made the smaller one for a shop sample and to test the pattern.

The pattern uses fat 1/8s and yardage for background. I made the smaller size because it is so much easier to display in my shop. There is really nothing very difficult about this pattern. It is mostly rectangles and half square triangles. The center is a quarter square triangle and the quilt goes together using partial seams. If you have never tried partial seams it isn't very hard and is a good skill to have. Basically, the first seam you sew only part way (hence the name "partial" seams). Then you sew the remaining seams as normal. Once they are all sewn you go back to the first one and finish the seam.

I like the way the pattern shows you a diagram of the fabric with all of the pieces you need to cut from the fabric shown on the diagram. This makes it so much easier to know that you are cutting your fabric correctly. I wish the pattern had better pressing instructions but not many patterns have good pressing instructions so I won't hold that against this one.

Just like the bag I shared with you last time, I've ordered copies of this pattern for my shop, but they won't be here for another week or so. That seems to be the way it goes for me: I find a pattern that looks interesting and order one copy. Sometimes it takes me a little while to find time to try the pattern. Once I do and like it I order copies for the shop but often they are backordered by the time I get around to ordering them! Oh well! At least I know that when they do arrive I have a sample already made. More importantly, I know that the pattern is a good one.

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