Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Do you like Mystery Boxes?

 There are mystery boxes and subscription boxes available from all kinds of shops and Alamosa Quilt Company is jumping on the bandwagon in 2023. Our first mystery box is ready for pre-order purchase. It will not be available for pick-up and shipping until January 15, 2023, but if you want one you need to buy it now.

To purchase one you can click this link, Mystery Box, and purchase through our website, call the shop at (719) 937-2555 to purchase over the phone, or stop into the shop to purchase in-person. Remember though, no one gets their box until January 15th to make sure it's a mystery for as long as possible.

photo of a mystery box

Mystery Box for January 2023 from Alamosa Quilt Company

What is a mystery box? Well ... it's a mystery! But seriously, while the contents will remain a mystery until you open your box I can tell you a little bit about our boxes. Our mystery boxes will all contain a pattern and fabric to make it (a kit). There will also be other goodies or notions too. The price of our first box will be $49.99 and I will try very hard to keep it at that price all year. You can collect them all or pick and choose. Most of the time all of the boxes will be exactly the same, but if I know you and know your fabric and color preferences, I just might do some custom boxes too.

This first box contains 2 3/4 yards of fabric to make the included pattern. You are getting all of the fabric required for the project - all the fabric for piecing the top, the binding fabric and the backing fabric. It also includes 3 to 4 notions and other fun stuff.

If you want to sign up and just have me charge your card on the 15th of every month I can do that, but you will need to come in, email me or call me so I can set that up. Please do not send me your credit card info in an email though! I will call you when I am ready to add your card information.

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