Thursday, February 16, 2023

A Day of Learning

 As a shop owner you have to always be learning! You need to stay current on social media, marketing, new products, changes to taxes, insurance, e-commerce, ... the list seems endless at times. On Monday of this week I spent the entire day on Zoom learning through the Virtual Schoolhouse sponsored by FabShop Network. This is basically a virtual version of the Schoolhouse sessions held the day before Quilt Market opens. One of the great things about going to Schoolhouse at Market is all the swag you get. The Virtual Schoolhouse also has swag.

Virtual Schoolhouse Swag

I learned a lot. Already placed some orders for new stuff. 

It was a fun but long day. However, I still prefer this to running around a large convention center all day. There was no line for the bathroom. Snacks were free and readily available. I was able to eat my lunch and watch. I even fixed dinner while watching.

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