Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year!

 I've had a nice week at home with my shop closed all last week. I got our laundry room repainted after we had the ceiling in that room repaired and retextured. I also got some touch-up painting done in our main bathroom after we had some work done to one spot on the wall and the entire ceiling.

Our new family member, Sheba, has been busy all week too.

Sheba in our Christmas tree

We put up our Christmas tree without any ornaments. Then we were gifted a few ornaments. Since Sheba had been leaving the tree alone we put them on the tree. Look closely toward the top. I've circled her in the photo below. She was trying to "kill" the ornaments.

Sheba in the tree

So the ornaments came down and were stored safely away. We ended up taking the tree down on the 26th because we were tired of having to defend it from the kitten! This is a record for us as usually the tree stays up for a week or two after Christmas. Next year!

She really is a sweetie though, just very busy! And our older cat, Ms. Boo, is starting to accept the new kitten. She still isn't a fan, but will stand her ground now and will begrudgingly be in the same room with the kitten. There is still some hissing and growling, but it's getting less. I think she growls and hisses more out of principle rather than irritation. Ms. Boo is not a fan of change, especially when it wasn't her idea to change!

Sheba melting in Tony's arms

I'm almost ready to share all of the sewing I've been doing the last few weeks. I have three more quilt tops ready to go to my long arm quilter this week. I have patterns coming for a few more but I'll start sharing what I have been up to before I get a chance to get those made up.

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