Monday, February 12, 2024

Have you heard about Scrap Tape?

 Scrap Tape is a non-woven wash away interfacing. Have you ever heard of sewing to receipt tape or phone book pages as a foundation for sewing with scraps? Well, Scrap Tape does the same thing BUT, you don't have to take it off before using your scrap piece in your project. This is the part that really appeals to me! I hate ripping paper off the back of pieced fabric units/blocks! It's so time-consuming and messy!

Scrap Tape is currently available in three sizes:

5" by 25 yards Scrap Tape

2.5" by 25 yards Scrap Tape

13" by 10 yards Scrap Tape

I purchased a roll of the 5" wide Scrap Tape and used it to make this adorable 40" by 50" charity quilt.

Scrap Tape Charity Quilt

I wanted to try out the scrap tape but didn't want to spend a lot of time on this trial project so I used larger scraps for this. I cut my pieces 6" long by a variety of widths, from 2" to 7" wide. A couple of the scraps I used were even pieced. I have lots of scrap tape left over so my next project will involve smaller pieces and more cattywampus style piecing.

It's simply quilted with an allover meander and I used a fun, older cat print on the back.

Scrap Tape Charity Quilt showing the back

I had no problems sewing through the scrap tape. No problems with the piecing and no issues with the quilting. I could feel it in the finished quilt before washing, but it wasn't offensive. The pieced strips felt like they had a nice interfacing on the back of them, which they did. But after washing, the scrap tape is completely gone - can't feel it at all.

If scrap tapes sounds like a product you'd like to try all the links go to the individual scrap tape sizes in my online shop.

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