Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Charity Quilt

This is the fourth charity quilt I pieced at retreat last weekend. My mom gave me 14 of these house blocks some time ago. I found them recently and put them up on the design wall. Fourteen is not an easy number of blocks to design with so I figured out the measurements of all the pieces and made a fifteenth block. My sister recently gave me some fabrics she didn't want (the planet border fabric and blue setting squares) and I found the green sashing fabric in my stash. The blue setting square fabric has raised plastic-like multi-colored stars on it. It looks cool but is a pain to sew with and you can not iron directly on the stars (they melt and stick to your iron!).

The houses are made from funky bright prints. The green sashing would not be my first choice, but I had enough of it. The planet fabric doesn't go with anything, but again I had enough of it and I needed the quilt to be wider. I call it "Houses in Space." Someone at retreat suggested that I quilt aliens in the windows of the houses. I think I may do that.

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