Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sue Spargo

Are you familiar with Sue Spargo? I've been an admirer for a while. She does mostly applique but with bright, fun, funky colors using lots of wool and velvet and some cotton too. I don't really like to do applique so you may be surprised that I like Sue's work so much. I don't mind wool applique as much - less prep. work. However, what really attracts me to her work is first the colors and second the hand stitching and embellishments.

Every year she does a limited edition block of the month quilt. She and her staff dye all of the fabrics, threads and embellishments for the kits so it is both a monetary and time investment to do one of her BOMs. This is also why they limit the number of participants. I wanted to do this year's project, but I was too late signing up and there were no more spots left. Next year's project just opened for sign ups. It is a beautiful quilt, but it just doesn't grab me so I've decided not to participate this time. This is the kind of thing I really need to be in LOVE with or I know I won't finish it.

So why I am telling you about Sue Spargo? Well ... she has some ornaments in the December 2011 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting which just came out. Click here to see the kits. I subscribe to Sue's newsletter so I got to see the ornaments about two weeks ago. They were so stinkin' cute I bought the kit immediately.

This isn't a great picture so be sure to hop over to Sue's site to see better photos. I picked up the magazine with the pattern inside earlier in the week. I can't wait to get started on these! And these will not be gifts. They are for me!

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Mama Pea said...

I thought about doing her BOM, too, but it was too expensive, and the design didn't grab me, either. I think I had that issue of the magazine, but I took it on retreat to read and somehow lost it. Shoot. So, I will look forward to seeing what you create!