Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warrior Cats

The boy has discovered a new book series, Warrior Cats. The books are rated a little above is AR level but his teacher let him check the first one out anyway with one caveat, he had to pass the AR test in order to be allowed to check out any more. He did pass the test and is now on his third Warrior Cats book. These are his first "real" books (not graphic novels, no pictures, lots of words per page, and lots of pages in the book) that he has read entirely by himself. He's been capable of this for a while now, but just didn't want to.

The books have sparked his imagination. Here is his Thunder Clan sign on the playroom door.

And here is the flag we made one evening.

He did everything except the sewing around the applique and the T and C stitched in red. (Sorry for the dark photo. I'm too lazy to take another picture.)


West Michigan Quilter said...

How cute! You're making great memories with your child.

Linda said...

OMG!!!! My girls are Warrior Cat fanatics!!!! It's so funny to read about the AR thing too. The girls were in the same boat. They asked for the second volume for Christmas!

Mama Pea said...

Neat, neat neat! It is a personal affront to me when teachers restrict kids' reading in that way. I can't stand it. It's a negative side effect of AR, if you ask me! Let them read what they are motivated to read!!!

Love this quilt he's working on. How cool!