Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finals Week Sewing

Not much sewing going on this week because it is Finals Week at ASC. I did take a break from grading this afternoon to try out an idea. As I was making pillowcases a few weeks ago I got to thinking that the pillowcase pattern I was using could be altered to make a nice gift bag.

It worked out pretty well.

Next time I will make cut the top accent strip wider. I cut these at 6.5" and it was a little difficult to roll up the main fabric for the second seam joining them. I think 8.5" or 9" would work better.

Goldie did a funny thing today.

It has been cold here lately. She has not wanted to go outside. She has been a bit stir crazy lately (read bad). It was sunny today and got up to 35 degrees this afternoon, so I put her out. About 30 minutes after I put her out the doorbell rang. It was one of my son's friends on her way home from the bus stop. Goldie saw her walking by, got her attention, then ran crying to our front door. The little girl felt sorry for her and rang our doorbell so I would let Goldie in. How pathetic is that? (Or pretty smart) Goldie was good and scarce for the rest of the afternoon though. She hid in the boy's room so that I couldn't find her and put her back out.


Julie said...

What a smart (and beautiful!) cat.

Mama Pea said...

That's really beautiful and quite creative of you! I think I am avoiding all my grading by getting caught up on my blog reading! LOL.

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Goldie is one smart cookie! A pretty cat, too. I have two and come up with some good ones, too.
Hugs, Deborah

West Michigan Quilter said...

Great idea of turning that pillowcase into a bag! Love the story of your cat. I miss my cat and hope to get another one after the first of the year. They are so much company.