Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love Birds

I finished my guild challenge piece.

Love Birds

The flowers came from a lei I brought home from a party. The lei went into the dress-up box and these were rescued from it once it fell apart. The little heart dangle the birds are holding might have originally been an earring. It was a "treasure" brought home by my son. He found it somewhere and thought I needed it. The finished size is 9" by 14.5".

I've also started a new project, a class sample.

This is just the first block. There will be forty in the quilt. I'm using a packet of Tonga Treats in the Blueberry colorway. Unfortunately, every single strip (yes, all 40!) were 2.5" at one end and 2.25" at the other end!!!! Not a happy quilter here. My working title for this project is "Tonga Torture"!

Luckily I only sewed two pairs together before realizing the problem. I ended up just cutting all of them down to 2.25". Using pre-cuts is suppose to be a time saver, but not if you have to square up 40 strips! I'm pretty sure I could have cut forty 2.5" strips from yardage in less time than it took me to fix the entire package. As far as the pattern goes, using 2.25" wide strips as opposed to 2.5" wide strips is not going to make a bit of difference. However, I may never purchase another package of Tonga Treats again. 


Pat said...

LOVE your love birds. The colors are great!

West Michigan Quilter said...

What a bummer about those strips. I can see why the new name. Love your love birds quilt!

Mama Pea said...

Your finished piece turned out so cute. The binding is perfect. I love the color you chose. How frustrating with the Tonga Treats! That would make me a very unhappy quilter, too!

Jackie said...

I vote for your bird wallhanging, it should totally win.