Friday, March 14, 2014

Snowman Block Finished

It still needs some embroidery and embellishments (snowman's face, bird legs, outline arms, jacket buttons), but the applique and piecing are done.

The block will finish at just 10" by 16" but it took me over a week to complete. I made a huge mess too with little bits of freezer paper pieces all over the place. I'm please with how it turned out and I learned a few things too.

Notice the bird. It was suppose to be all on the black background, but when I went to square up the block I realized it was going to get cut off. Next time I will mark the cutting lines on the background before I start the applique. A few of the other finished blocks have the applique spilling over into the pieced border, but I think this was part of the pattern.

I still don't like his arms but have gotten some good suggestions for how to fix this with outlining. In the future I will substitute fabric from my stash instead of trying to live with someone else's fabric choices. Lesson learned!


West Michigan Quilter said...

It's still cute despite all your anguish. Learning is good too. I think I learn something from every block I make. That is why I love trying new blocks. Are you going to put eyes and buttons on him?

Barbara said...

Thank you for the tutorial, it´s great.
Viele Größe, Barbara