Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday my little boy turned 12. It has been several years since we have been able to have a birthday party on his birthday, so it was a special day. We went to the Sand Dunes Pool for his party. I didn't take any photos around the pool yesterday, but you can see some I took previously if you click here.

Like many boys his age, he loves video games, especially Minecraft. We purchased a cookie cake from our new Nestle Toll House Cafe.

I took in a photo of a creeper I got off the internet for them to use as inspiration for decorating the cake. The birthday boy was pleased. And the cookie cake was pretty tasty!

I did get some pictures of my birthday boy yesterday evening. The light was just right for a mini photo shoot on the front porch.

He, of course, wanted to do a bunch of silly poses too. I took those photos in exchange for his cooperation in being able to get these two good shots.

Back to a quilting post tomorrow. I will have a finish to share!!


West Michigan Quilter said...

Such a handsome young man! Happy birthday to him. My nephew's name is Parker too.

Mama Pea said...

Such a good lookin' kid. Hope he had a great birthday! Happy birthday, P!