Monday, February 2, 2015

My Next Scrap Project

I posted last week that I was starting a new string project. Click here for that post. That first post contains the information about the tutorial I am using in case you are curious.

The first step was to make a bunch of these.

Then trim them up.

Then figure out unit placement.

Then sew them together. As I suspected, pressing the diagonal seams open does help reduce bulk since I am not trimming away the white base triangle. Double prong pins help to line up the center with the seams pressed open.

I now have two of my twelve blocks completed.

You can see the spider web starting to form at the corners where the blocks meet.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Looking good. What a great way to use those scraps. I must try that.

Lies Koster said...

I do like the spiderweb idea of your quilt and the result is lovely. BUT now I see your way of making it, it seems such a waist of fabric... to me. I was puzzling how to avoid that. Maybe you can make a stripe of stripes and cut the triangle out of it: one normal, the next upside down, then one normal again. Then you can sew them on the bigger solid triangles or even on the/a diamond.

Sandy H said...

I love looking at these but I'm not sure I ever want to make one! They're something I think I prefer to admire from afar. But admire yours I do! Very nice.

Barb said...

Thanks so much for showing this...I just love it....