Friday, January 30, 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods

I finished the embroidery for this in August 2014. If you click here you can see the embroidered panels and the stack of fabrics I collected for the piecing.

Yesterday I pulled out the fabrics again and started cutting. Finishing the top of this quilt was high on my to-do list for Selfish Sewing Month. Yet here it is almost the end of the month and I'm just starting on it. Oh well! I have done several other things from my list as well as a few spontaneous projects. This month was more about doing what I want sewing-wise rather than checking things off my list.

There were only two greens in my stack so I looked through my stash and pulled a few more. When I put the embroidered panels next to the blues in the stack they didn't look right to me. So I pulled a new set of blues from my stash. I did well the first time when pulling the reds/pinks. I just needed to edit from the original stack. And I decided to stick with only one white fabric. The one in the center is the only one in my stash I had enough of for the whole quilt so that decision was easy.

These print squares with the white will become the flying geese border for the quilt. If you aren't familiar with the pattern, it is a Crabapple Hill pattern called Over the River and Through the Woods. The link will take you to the pattern page on the Crabapple Hill website where you can see the original. I love the pattern but do not care for the colors in the original. Mine will be look very different from the original.


Zenia Rene said...

oooooo la la! I love your color choices!!! Looking forward to seeing that colorful flying geese border!

Gene Black said...

I agree about the colors. Your bright happy colors will make this quilt sing.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Looking forward to seeing this finished quilt. It sounds like it will be so much prettier than mine which is just red and white. Love your bright colors.