Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Test is Successful

I finished seed stitching around my little bird.

This takes such a long time, but I love how it looks! It's a good project to do while watching a movie. If you missed it or need to remind yourself, click here to see what the bird looked like before stitching.

The thing I was really testing was the thread, mainly how well it holds up and how it looks on the wool. It did just fine. I was concerned because this thread is old. I got it from a local shop but she said that what she has is all she can get. The thread is Clarke's O-Sew-E-Z Punch Embroidery Thread. I pinned the label above the spool laid on the basted back piece I am starting (see photo below). It is made for punch needle projects but seems to work just fine for my purposes too.

The light colored machine stitching is just basting and will be removed as I go. Originally I was going to just use a plain piece of wool with seed stitching for the back of my bag. Then I decided that I wanted to add a little detail to the back piece other than just seed stitching. So I repeated the little flowers from the front on the back.

I'm also testing how much thread I will need. My In Full Bloom project is about 36" by 42". These two pieces are about 9.5" by 9.5". Based on just the front piece with the bird, I need to buy a couple more spools to be sure that I will have enough. This type of stitching requires a lot of thread!

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