Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Quilting with Templates

July seems to have flown by. I took some time off from the shop for a family vacation. We had a very large wildfire 30 miles away from us that closed major highways. As it happened, we were driving by just a few hours after it started and I took this photo from the car.

It eventually grew to over 108,000 acres in size, destroyed more than 200 homes and became the third largest wildfire in Colorado history. The fire was the main topic of conversation around here for most of July. It caused the closure of our main highway from the east for 8 days. While my home was never in any real danger, it disrupted business, internet and cell phone service and generally cut us off from the east for the first part of July. The name of the fire is the Spring Fire. You can google the name for all the details if you are interested.

In sewing news, I have completed a 6 week course in quilting with Westalee templates. I'm working on finishing up my class project so I can start teaching this in my shop. Here are 6 of the 9 blocks I have completed thus far.

These blocks will be put together with a Quilt as You Go method. Some of the blocks demonstrate border quilting ideas. A few of the blocks are very basic by design as this is a learning project for the students to get used to the technique.


Barb said...

Tons a fires everywhere, it is so sad. Love your ruler work....just love it.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I just got the starter pack and took a class and am still struggling with how to use these rulers. Keep us informed of how you are doing and any tips will be appreciated.