Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Have you tried ruler quilting?

 I started ruler quilting a few years ago after attending Quilt Market in Houston. I stopped by the Sew Steady booth and watched in wonder as it was demoed at the show by Donelle McAdams. I signed myself up to learn how to do this from Donelle and purchased all the stuff on the spot. Fast forward a few years and I've taught the beginner class I learned through the class with Donelle several times at my shop. When COVID hit Sew Steady pivoted quickly to offering high quality virtual classes. My shop has sponsored several of their virtual classes in the last year or so.

Nancy has taken several of their classes and recently finished the class project from Donelle's "Next Steps" class.

Nancy's Next Step Class Project

Linda took my very first beginner ruler quilting class several years ago and has quilted quite a few UFOs and other projects since then. Her latest finish is for a new grandbaby.

My shop is sponsoring another class from Donelle starting October 4, 2021. The class is called ...And Beyond! If you are interested in signing up you can sign up following the link below:

Sign up for Donelle's ... And Beyond! Class

All the details about the class can be found by following the link above. Signing up through my shop's link helps my shop. If I get enough sign-ups then I get to sponsor the class for free. I also get a small commission on anything you buy from Sew Steady for the class or you can just contact me directly to order what you need for you.

The great thing about these classes is that you can watch them live (and ask questions) or you can watch them later. With the multiple session classes like the ... And Beyond! class, you have 30 days after the LAST class to watch and rewatch ALL of the sessions of the class. Many of these classes are also available through Sew Steady University and if you purchase a Sew Steady University class then you own the class and can watch and rewatch forever.

For more information about Sew Steady University click here.

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