Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Jelly Roll Tree Skirt

 I've had this pattern in my shop for some time. It's called Strippy Tree Skirt. I decided on Wednesday before Christmas that I wanted to make one for myself so I did!

Strippy Tree Skirt 1

The pattern explains a different method for starting than what I decided to do. I used one of my rope coasters instead. Notice the coaster in the center of the tree skirt in the photo below.

Strippy Tree Skirt 2

I just sewed right to it! Then I ripped it out before cutting the slit and adding binding to the cut edge. It worked great! No coasters were harmed in making it either.

This is why I wanted a new tree skirt.

Ms. Boo on Strippy Tree Skirt

Ms. Spooky Boo just will not leave the tree skirt alone! The first year I was married I made a counted cross-stitch tree skirt that I love. But Ms. Boo loves it too and she keeps picking at one of the elements in the design. I am afraid that she is going to mess up the design so the last few years I only pull out the tree skirt on Christmas Eve before we put the presents on top. Now I have one that I can put out with the tree. 

Strippy Tree Skirt 4

This one is all machine stitched so if she pulls out any stitching I can easily fix it.

If you have made any of the other jelly roll rug patterns this one is similar. The pattern is well written with photos and it was fun to make. 

The jelly roll I used is from the Home Sweet Holidays collection by Deb Strain for Moda.

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