Thursday, December 9, 2021

Q20 Play

 I have been bonding with my new Q20 machine.

Q20 machine

I have quilted two charity quilts already with her but don't have pictures of those yet for you. Next time! The first one I just did a quick all-over meander to get used to the machine. The second one I quilted with a ruler that I have had for a while. I'll give details on that when I show you the finished quilt.

Right now I am working on a third charity quilt with her. I'm getting fancy with this one. It is an old digital sample that I got for the shop the first year I opened in 2016.

3rd project 1

I am doing this one with a combination of free-motion quilting and ruler quilting. I'm mainly using the ruler to do straight lines since this one is a cheater quilt (that is, the design is printed on the fabric instead of being pieced).

3rd quilt 2

There are flying geese printed along the border but they only go part way along each side. So I did some flying geese that are just stitched.

3rd quilt 3

I have already stitched around each ring in what would be the ditch if it were pieced. Now I am going back and filling in the on-point squares. I haven't decided how I will quilt the rest just yet but something will come to me.

Free fuse and fusible batting

I have been using a couple newish products for these quilts. One is Fusible 80/20 batting from Quilter's Dream. I sure do love this batting! And when they offered me a free sample to try it out a couple years ago I originally said no because I don't like fusible batting! I'm so glad the lady taking my order talked me into taking it! It is fusible on one side and I always fuse the backing fabric to the batting. Then I use the Free Fuse powder to baste the top to the batting.

Basting is not the most fun part of quilting but it is necessary and it really needs to be done well in order for the quilting to turn out nice. However, it is much easier with these two products!

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