Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Splendid Split Stars :: A Finish

 I finally completed the Splendid Split Stars quilt.

Splendid Split Stars quilt finished

This took me much longer than it should have because I lost steam on the project. I'm sure you know how that can be! My main issue with finishing was that I sold all of the kits before I finished the shop sample. Then I thought, "why am I bothering to finish this when all the kits are sold?" Well, I finished because I didn't want another unfinished project AND because I might be able to make a few more kits with a couple substitutions for the fabrics I no longer have. I do have more patterns, Splendid Split Stars Pattern.

If I do decide to make more kits I'll let you know. Usually I don't like to do substitutions in shop kits but if it's just one or two that are really close in color and style to the original I don't mind - as long as we clearly mark on the kits which fabrics have been substituted. This is often easy to do with batiks, which is what this one is made with.

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