Thursday, July 27, 2023

Another Rug Finished

 Despite the assistance of my feline "helper," I was able to finish a second rug last weekend.

Ms. Spooky Boo (a cat) "helping" me sew the rug

I was a little uncomfortable with how close her tail was to the needle, but we managed! Here is the finished rug. It's the original Jelly Roll Rug pattern.

finished jelly roll rug using Night Breeze 2 1/2" strips

I used one of the new packages of 2 1/2" strips I've gotten in my shop recently from Wilmington Fabrics. What I like about Wilmington is that they have pre-cuts that are collection specific just like most other fabric companies, but they also have pre-cuts that are color specific. None of the other fabric companies I order from do this. So I've got pre-cuts that are all assorted reds, assorted greens, assorted blues, assorted browns, assorted grays/blacks, .... The one I used for this rug is blues and turquoises. It's called Night Breeze. Also, unlike other companies, Wilmington pre-cuts do not have pinked edges. I've got a lot of Wilmington pre-cuts in my shop if you'd like to check them out. Click here to view the pre-cuts in my shop.

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pam said...

I've had this in my work room for awhile. Haven't tackled it yet. Yours looks great