Monday, March 11, 2024

Easy Striped Runners

 I received a new shipment of border prints in my shop recently so it was time to make some new shop samples with them. These Easy Striped Table Runners are so much fun to make!

Easy Striped Table Runners

Shown are our two favorite layouts, but the pattern includes instructions for four different layouts as well as some smaller candle mats that you can make with the leftovers.

Table runner with matching candle mat

The pattern is called Easy Striped Table Runner. You can see all the border prints I have by clicking the following link: Border Prints. The two we used for our samples are: Groovy Garden Border Print and Winter Blooms Border Print.

Depending on the layout you choose AND how big you want to make it, you need between 1 and 1 1/2 yards of a border print. On my website I sell regular priced regular width fabrics in half yard increments, so that would mean you need a quantity of 2 or 3 per runner. 

FYI: For both of our samples we used 1 yard of the border print.

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