Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I never thought I'd see the day

This is Maggie. She is 19 and the last of the three cats my husband and I had when we got married 14 years ago. Maggie's mother climbed into an open window in a college friend's apartment one long weekend when they were out of town and had kittens on their bathroom rug. They came home to a momma cat and four kittens living in their bathroom and a lot of poop in their tub. They were very lucky that the cats picked the tub as their toilet instead of using the whole house! The momma cat stayed around for a couple weeks then split. Maggie came to live with me shortly after her mom left. She has always been very selective of the people she chooses to grace with her presence and usually avoids kids but has mellowed a bit in her old age. She is now mostly deaf and has cataracts. This photo was taken yesterday morning before school. This is only the second time Maggie has sat on Parker's lap. The first was the day before. Will wonders never cease!? I hope not.

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