Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Favorite Ornament

Some people's Christmas trees are perfectly coordinated with a theme or color scheme. Mine is "eclectic." I love that every ornament has meaning to me and/or a story behind it. This ornament was a gift from Parker. He bought it for me at the local Farmer's Market in 2008. At times he acts like a crow - if there is something shiny and sparkly within range, he is drawn to it. He thought this angel was beautiful and that I needed to have her. Every Saturday this past summer he went to this lady's booth at the Farmer's Market to see if she had a May angel, his birth month. (Mine angel is January, my birth month) She never had May, in any size. I think this summer I will ask her if she will make him a May and hold it for us. I'll pay her up front if necessary.

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