Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Design Wall Today

We received the final instructions for our guilds mystery quilt in November. Between having company, Thanksgiving, go out of town and the end of the semester I haven't had much time to work on my mystery quilt. I put the blocks I've made so far on the design wall today. Parker and Tony went skiing so I'll have to whole day to myself to sew!

The finished size of this quilt, according to the instructions, is 76" by 88", not nearly big enough for a king size bed. So I've altered the pattern. The finished size of my quilt will be in the 100" by 120" range, give or take an couple inches. This is what I'm going to make, plus some sort of border.

I'm not going to leave out a block! The missing block will be another Ohio Star. I made this pattern by copying the given pattern and then cutting three of them apart into the individual blocks so I could try out different ideas. I just ran out of Ohio Stars and didn't feel like cutting up a fourth copy.

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