Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom's Special Chocolates

These are the result of my Sunday afternoons work - truffles. Parker calls them "Mom's special chocolates." They take a while to make but are pretty easy. The recipe is called Easy Oreo Truffles and is from the Kraft Foods website. It only has three ingredients! They are 1 package of Oreos (I use the store brand equivalent), 1 8 oz. package of cream cheese and 2 packages of semi-sweet chocolate squares, don't use chocolate chips because they don't have the same consistency when melted. Basically, you crush the Oreos in a food processor or blender. Then use a mixer to blend the cream cheese and crushed Oreos. Roll this into balls and dip them in the melted chocolate. Set them on trays lined with wax paper or parchment paper and put them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens.

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