Thursday, January 6, 2011

UFO List

Susan of Blackberry Creek Home Arts is hosting a UFO Bust for 2011. You can click on the button on my side bar to go directly to the rules of the UFO Bust. This is a very low pressure deal - just my style. If you want to join too, just go over to Susan's site (click the link in the first sentence or the button on the right) and sign yourself up.

My plan is just to "deal with" every UFO on my list this year. By "deal with" I mean actually pull out each one. See if I have everything necessary to finish it. Decide if I really do want to finish it. If do, then make a plan for finishing (notice I didn't say "finish it", just "make a plan to finish it"). If I don't want to finish it, get rid of it by either giving it away, throwing it away or cutting it up for use in another project and putting the unused fabrics back in my stash.

Here is my oldest UFO, I think. At least it is the oldest one I have found so far.

These blocks were leftovers from a panel I cut up and used to make a quilt for a friend in 2005. I had planned to quilt it up and give it to charity. It's been 5 years and I haven't done it. Do I still want to quilt it? I'm not sure. This may be one that I end up giving away.

So here is my list:

1. Cabin Lap Quilt (photo above) - charity
2. Mom's Mystery Quilt (this is one of my Mom's UFOs that she passed on to me)
3. Funky Santa (almost got the binding on this one!)
4. Wonky New York Beauty
5. House quilt - charity
6. Clifford quilt - charity
7. Pooh quilt - charity
8. Cars quilt - charity
9. Puzzle quilt
10. Lollipop Flowers round robin quilt
11. Bird Panel
12. Spring Panel
13. Cuddly quilt
14. Space quilt
15. Gail Garber class quilt (pieced hexagon)

This list contains only the UFOs I have currently found. I feel like there are more somewhere, but they haven't surfaced yet. When I finally switch my sewing room with the current guest room and move all my crap, I may find more. I'll let you know if I do. I'm going to try to figure out how to put this list on my sidebar, mainly as a reminder for myself.

I received one more birthday gift from the son. I failed to post a photo yesterday so I'm doing it today.

He is currently reading this book. Below the book is the gift. He made me an amulet. It has some magical powers that I don't fully understand, but I love it. This will go into my collection of treasures he has given me over the years. He is currently 8. I hope to make a small quilt to attach these treasures to someday. I will include photos of him too on the quilt.

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Mama Pea said...

So cute with the amulet. I love that! Elsa wrapped up a couple of her books, some pictures she colored for me, and a coin purse I had made for Christmas for me. haha!

Good UFO list. I like your plan to "deal with" each one. Very good. I will enjoy hearing about your progress.

Didn't know you were moving your sewing room. Sounds exciting!