Monday, November 11, 2013

Quilting My Hexa-Chevragon Quilt

I'm not even done, but I really love this one.

I started by stitching in the ditch around the columns of hexagons. Then went back and forth in the chevrons.

Aside: I have succumbed and gotten a Pinterest account. I'm "Alamosa Quilter" there too if you are interested in seeing the few things I've pinned so far.

Through Pinterest I found a new-to-me blog, The Inbox Jaunt and this tutorial. So I tried it.


Then I added ovals around the leaves.

While the light was still good I snapped a few more photos.

The back - in progress:

The front - in progress:

I hope to get this finished soon. I'm already thinking about what I will use for binding. I have a couple of good options in my stash.


West Michigan Quilter said...

Awesome! You are a talented quilter. Love this one too!

West Michigan Quilter said...

PS: I've subscribed to the Jaunt Box for a while and like what she does. However, I never seem to be able to picture a design on my quilts. You are an inspiration.

Mama Pea said...

Totally loving it. You're really making me want a Sweet 16, since I'll probably never get a long arm!

Denise in PA said...

Looking great, Lynn!