Monday, November 25, 2013

Swap Goodies

A few months ago when Stephanie, of Peas in a Pod, visited we made arrangements to do a private swap. I made her a cover for one of her sewing machines.

Her machine is much bigger than my Bernie. I had to put my camera bag underneath the cover so that it would stand up nice for a photo.

She made me a new pillow for my sewing room chair.

Click on the image to make it larger so you can see all the details. The star is English Paper Pieced and then appliqued on the background. Notice all the lovely hand stitching she did echoing the star. And the pompom fringe is so fun. On the back she put in a hidden zipper so I can take out the pillow form and wash it, if necessary.

Good swap partners always include extra goodies and Stephanie is a good swap partner!

The small circle on the right is a little tin which contains a tape measure. I sent her a fun tape measure too. The little "quilt happy" book on the left is a book of sticky lint remover sheets. I've never seen a book of lint remover sheets before. Every quilter needs a lint remover and these sheets work well! The spiral bound book is a journal. On the cover it says, "I am fairly certain that given a Cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world." How fun is that?! I love journals and use them. I am the secretary for my art group and this journal is going to be used to keep us organized.

Thank you so much Stephanie! I am so lucky to be able to call you my friend! Go visit Stephanie's blog to see the cover I made for her on the machine it is intended for as well as the extra goodies I sent her.


Mama Pea said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Lynn! I had so much fun making it for you. I have my post up now. I love my sewing machine cover so much! Thanks for swapping with me. I'm the lucky one--to call you my friend!

Kay said...

The cushion is gorgeous. I love to EPP too, it is so calming and rarely goes wrong.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your machine cover. Did you use linen? That pillow is so cute and perks up your dark chair. When I saw the picture of your sewing room on Stephanie's blog I was impressed. I admire anyone who has a neat and orderly sewing room. I can never get mine to look like that.