Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Retreat Exchange

My next guild retreat is coming up that last weekend in February. Each time we play a form of dirty Santa to exchange something. We started out exchanging fat quarters. After a couple of years, this wasn't very exciting anymore. So we decided to switch it up each time. Some of the things we have exchanged are charm squares, 2 1/2" strips, pin cushions, pot holders and sewing paraphernalia. At our next retreat we are exchanging "little bags."

Front of Drawstring Bag

Back of Drawstring Bag
At our January guild meeting I won a small coffee bag containing two fat quarters as a door prize. (I thought I had taken a picture of the little bag before cutting it up, but it wasn't on my camera. Either I took the picture and accidentally deleted it. Or, more likely, I just thought about taking the picture, but never got around to it.)

The bag had printing on both sides. I cut it up and used one side of it to make the above little bag. It is about 10" H by 5" W by 4" D. I pulled out my feedsack scraps to make it and used some measuring tape twill tape for the drawstring. I plan to make another little bag using the other printed side. That's a project for another day though.

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