Friday, March 20, 2015

'Tis the Season :: Guild Challenge TimeI

I will probably be a little quieter here than normal for a couple of weeks. It is guild challenge time again. Most of my sewing time for the next few weeks will be spent on this project.

Above is the only sneak peek I will be showing you of this project. Many guild friends read my blog. I'd like for them to be at least somewhat surprised by my entry. Although those that know me well will probably be able to easily pick out mine.

We are doing a Scavenger Hunt challenge this year. For full details, click this link to go my guild website. It is definitely a "challenge" for me!

I'll leave you with one other photo, not quilting related. I took it this morning.

Mist rising from the fence
This morning when the sun hit our fence it caused a spooky mist to rise from the fence. There is really nothing "spooky" about it. It rained yesterday evening and the fence was still wet this morning. When the sun hit the damp fence the moisture began evaporating. This doesn't happen often because we don't get much precipitation around here. But when it does happen it looks really neat. And it doesn't last long. I've tried to photograph it before but was unsuccessful because it stopped before I could find my camera and get outside. I was quick this morning.

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West Michigan Quilter said...

Love your morning mist picture. Spring is here, can't wait to see your project,