Friday, March 13, 2015

Rose of Sharon Bag :: A Finish

My little bag is finished. It measures about 7" wide by 7" tall by 2.5" deep.

I pebble quilted in the background around the appliques on each side. Here is the first side quilted and trimmed.

And for some reason I took pictures of the back side too.

I put a piece of muslin on the back only because it helped me to move it more smoothly while quilting. The muslin does not show in the finished bag. For the lining I used the same cotton fabric that is on the first side of the bag behind the flower.

Here is the second side quilted and trimmed.

And the back

And finally the finished bag.

Side One

Side Two
This was such a fun little project! I hope it makes a nice class. Now I just need to write up the pattern.

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Mama Pea said...

Really cute! That looks like it will be a fun class for all!