Monday, January 4, 2016

Insanely Small Flying Geese and AQC Update

I saw a photo over the weekend on my Facebook feed of a project similar to this. I realized that I had everything I needed to make one, so I did.

I used my Wing Clipper ruler to make the flying geese. They finish at 0.5" by 1". I have a few more key chain kits so I may make more, but making this one seemed to get it out of my system for now.

Alamosa Quilt Company Update:

The boxes have been opened!

Two of the four rolling shelving units also have fabric on them but I didn't get them in either of these photos.

I wanted to get all the fabric out so I could see what I have because another fabric rep. is coming to visit later this week. I don't want to order things too similar to what I already have.


Marlene said...

Those flying geese are insanely small!! Loving the look of the shelves filling with fabric.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I can't imagine making pieces that small. But I love the key chain. Love how your shop is shaping up. Those white shelving units are great!

Mama Pea said...

So exciting to get fabric on the shelves. I'd want to pee my pants if I were you. :-) haha! I have the pattern and supplies for making some key chains like that. I really need to get on it. Was going to do some for Christmas, but didn't get there.