Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Treasures from Gramma {Photo Heavy}

As promised I took photos of the box of treasures my aunt included with my Gramma's sewing machine.

There are three embroidery hoops to add to my collection. I have several ideas for ways to use these other than they way they were intended to be used. Hopefully someday I'll actually implement one of these ideas.

The ziploc bag along the side contains some tatting done by my great grandmother, Bernice (my grandfather's mom).

According to my aunt she was a prolific tatter. My favorite is the white with yellow flowers. I hope that someday some of it will end up in something I make.

This is a runner. It is folded in half. Both halves are identical.

This is a pillow case. There are two of these. Never used. They were folded neatly and tied with a ribbon. Probably meant to be a gift. I bet these were from her stash of handmade items just waiting for the right occasion to be gifted.

Not many folks, if any, use these pillowcases any more. I would like to cut the embroidery part out, add a border and make them into smaller pillows for a sofa or chair. Someday.

These are some counted cross stitch houses. No clue what I'll do with these.

At the bottom of the box there were a few dish towels that she hadn't got around to doing anything with yet. A couple were machine appliqued but most are blank waiting to be embellished. And then there is this box of floss. 

Look closely at the photo above. The bottom right corner contains some pre-printed labels.

Anything I make from these items will get one of these labels.

Lastly there was this little guy.

He stands about 2.5" tall. I assume he is a Christmas ornament. I'll add him to our ornament box at some point. For now he will watch over things in my sewing room.

There is one more treasure to show you. I don't have a photo of it yet. I decided to wait to take a picture after it has had some repair work. It is a framed sampler. I took it Saturday to the frame shop for some TLC. When it is spruced up I'll photograph it.


Salmagundi said...

Quite a few years ago, Hallmark had a series of thimble ornaments at Christmas. They were darling -- yours is exceptionally cute!!! Sally

West Michigan Quilter said...

What wonderful treasures! You will find a special place for them...besides in your heart!

becky J. said...

I have that same little thimble ornament.

Lies Koster said...

Thank you Lynn for the photo of the way of organizing the embroidery yarn. It inspired me to "copy"it more or less. I wanted to do that for years already.

Anonymous said...

I still love the embroidered pillow slips - I guess I'm well behind the times. I am working on a pair right now.

Mama Pea said...

How special! I absolutely adore the little thimble soldier!