Monday, February 1, 2016

Just Squares 2 and AQC Update

I've been able to do a bit of sewing lately. It isn't fancy, but it is a completed top.

If it looks familiar it's because this is the second one of these I've made. Click here to see the first one. I have enough squares already cut for a third one of these. 

The plan is to quilt it simply like the first one and turn it over to my guild's charity quilt chairperson.

Alamosa Quilt Company Update:

I have a logo!

The guy came Friday afternoon to install it on the front door. I tried to get a picture of it but it is really hard to photograph because of the position of the door and the windows. I need to find something dark to put behind it so that I can get a photo. I have an idea but it requires an assistant. However, it looks pretty much like the above.

We have all of the fabric entered into inventory in the computer. Whew! That was quite a job. We cut four fat quarters from each fabric which adds up to over 1000 fat quarters that had to be folded. Believe it or not, they are all neatly folded.

Here are some photos from around the shop.

The shop is not full by any means but the rest will come with time and as finances allow. Lots of fabric has been ordered but the ship dates are spread out from now through October. That's just the way the fabric business works.

Opening day has been set, February 15, 2016. The grand opening will begin February 29th, which will be a fun date to celebrate on in years to come.


sew.darn.quilt said...

Love the simplicity of this quilt, it's very cute! I'm just getting back to blogs from a long hiatus and would like to convey my congratulations on the impending birth of your store!! Everything looks to be coming along nicely.

Gene Black said...

Congratulations on having the opening set. The shop is looking great. I wish you lots of success.

Salmagundi said...

Anxious to see your store opened. I'm sure there will be lots of goodies available. I hope to come in person this summer -- it really is not that far from Canon City!! Sally

Mama Pea said...

I really love your logo! It's fantastic! I bet this is so exciting (and a ton of work) to get this going. So cool!