Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Goose on the Loose Quilt Along

Before we start I want you to know that I will provide directions for what I do and give a couple of border options, but you are free to ignore my directions and put your blocks together any way you choose. Whatever you make is yours! You need to be happy with it. You are free to substitute different blocks for block patterns you don’t like. On that note, you don’t have to make a quilt with these blocks. You could make pillows or bags or placemats or something else out of the blocks.

I am going to make a twelve block quilt. Each block will finish at 12” square. The plan is for the finished quilt to measure 52” by 66” with sashing and borders. It will be a straight setting of 3 blocks by 4 blocks. If you would like a larger quilt then I suggest you make two of each block plus a third of your favorite one for a total of twenty-five blocks. With sashing and borders a twenty-five block version of this quilt should measure about 80” by 80”. It will be a straight setting of 5 blocks by 5 blocks.

Below is a photo of my block ideas pages for this project in my design notebook. I'm showing it to you so that you can know that I really do have a plan! 

I have drawn 14 blocks thus far. I know, I know ... I said I was going to make a 12 block quilt. I drew the first twelve blocks a few months ago. When I went to start this project a few weeks ago I realized that a couple of the blocks are very similar to each other. This bothered me so I drew a few more blocks. 

I am using all scraps for my blocks. I am sorting them into lights, mediums and darks and not worrying about color for this sorting process. If you would like to use a consistent background fabric throughout then I suggest you purchase at least 2 yards (maybe a bit more) for the 52” by 66” version, at least 3 yards (maybe a bit more) for the 80” by 80” version.

If you have a fabric for sashing and borders in your stash already then you may want to set it aside now so you don’t use it for another project. I do not have any sashing or border fabric yet for my quilt. I plan to wait until I have all the blocks made then audition various options. For the border there will be at least two options, one pieced and the other plain. For sashing I am planning to use a single fabric with cornerstones, but I may change my mind once I get the blocks made.

Block 1 – Wild and Goosey

This block is paper pieced and uses Bonnie Hunter’s free pattern that appeared in Quiltmaker Magazine in May/June 2013. You will need to download your own copy of the paper piecing pattern. Click here to get the pattern.

You can paper piece the block using any method. There are at least two I am aware of: (1) sew through the paper and (2) use freezer paper and don’t sew through the paper. I did a tutorial on the second method a few years ago. Click here to go to my tutorial.

I used the first method though for this project. I printed out the patterns onto Carol Doak’s foundation paper, cut out the patterns and sewed directly to the paper with a shortened stitch length. When it comes time to tear off the paper, gently run a pin along the seam lines to score the paper and it pulls off fairly easily.

Note: Knowledge of paper piecing is assumed. If you need assistance with the “sew through the paper” method I suggest Carol Doak’s tutorial. Click here to go to the tutorial.

You will need to print out four copies of the pattern for a total of 16 wild and goosey units. For 8 of these I followed the value suggestions printed on the patterns. For the other 8 I reversed the values, that is, I used med/dark fabric where it says to use light and I used light fabric where it says to use med/dark.

Pieces 1, 4, 7, 10, and 11 are made from cutting 2.5” squares in half along the diagonal. This will give you a generous overhang that can be cut down to 1/4” seam allowance after sewing each piece. Pieces 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9 are made from cutting 2” squares in half along the diagonal. Pieces 12 and 13 are made from cutting 3” squares in half along the diagonal.

Thus you need:
(24) 2" squares of light scraps
(24) 2" squares of dark scraps
(40) 2.5" squares of medium scraps
(8) 3" squares of light/medium scraps
(8) 3" squares of medium/dark scraps

When you get your 16 units made, sew them together as shown in the photo below.

If you are quilting along I'd love to hear from you. Just leave a comment. As time allows, I will respond. If you are "no-reply" then I can't respond to you personally. I understand that some folks prefer to remain "no-reply" and that is totally fine. 

If you have any questions at any point, please leave those in the comments. Again, I will respond personally if I can; otherwise I will answer your question with another comment and you'll just need to check back for my response.

If you want to share photos of your blocks with me as you play along I'd love to share them. 

Finally, I have put a "Quilt Along" tab at the top of this blog. All the various posts will be organized there for future reference.

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