Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art Group :: Circles, Part 3

I got tired of waiting for inspiration and went with my first instinct.

I pebbled the white with white thread. It adds nice texture without overwhelming the appliqued circles. Lines would have also been good, but I just didn't feel like doing lines. Also, a couple others in my group quilted lines on their backgrounds. I thought I would do something else and pebbles was the next easiest for me.

You'll notice it isn't bound yet. I have a small problem. My piece shrank up more than I expected with the quilting. I square it up to 18.5" by 18.5" as we agreed. But look closely in the photo above at the blue circle exiting the piece on the top left. It is more than 1/4" away from the edge! Before I appliqued any of the circles down I drew an 18.5" by 18.5" square on my white background. I made sure to extend the edges of the appliques to or past my lines. I think this one moved and I didn't realize it until now. The higher, right-hand edge is on the drawn line, but the lower, left-hand edge is well below 1/4" away. Sheesh!

So ... I either need to figure out how to fix it so that the circle is closer to the edge or convince the rest of my group to cut their pieces down to 18.25" by 18.25" or better yet, 18" by 18". Our next meeting coming up. I'll just wait and see what they want to do.

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Gene Black said...

Since this is based on a painting - why not add a "painted" fill in at that spot? I saw someone on The Quilt Show using Caran d'Arche Water soluble crayons to add color to fabric. Some art stores sell these as single sticks so it wouldn't be expensive that way. Email me for instructions. Or, ir it isn't going to be washed again, you could use a colored pencil or even a pigma micron pen.
I would then use it a couple of other places on the piece for continuity.

Marlene said...

Oh bumma!I really love this little piece. Like Gene's suggestion re painting. Interested to see how you finish it-it's art so could it be left-Titled-The Unfinished Circle!!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I like Gene's idea. Also, I think you were right using the pebbles. The lines would have taken the eye away from the circles. Now the circles still stand out and that I what I would want to happen.

Mama Pea said...

Gene has a good idea....or can you applique more blue fabric there?