Monday, March 2, 2020

Boxed Tapa Quilt

My long arm quilter is back from her holiday break. Yay!

This is a new kit we have available at my shop. The name of the pattern is Boxed Tapa and it is a batik quilt. The main fabric (the leaves) are a panel! Batik panels are rare because they are so time-consuming to print. Just like all batiks, they are all hand printed. These are some of the softest batiks I've ever handled too.

The quilt is 53" by 66" finished. Did you know I opened an Etsy shop for my "real" shop? Here is a link to the Alamosa Quilt Company Etsy shop. I am slowly adding items to the Etsy shop, as time allows. So if you see something I show here that you might want to buy, let me know. I will list it in the Etsy shop and send you a direct link to the item.

I also got a new phone recently with a great camera. I can finally get good pictures of my black cat, Ms. Spooky Boo. Here is a photo I took of her recently.

I don't think she is as excited about the new camera as I am! She loves to lay on my husband's pants! In case you are interested, the pattern for the quilt she is laying on is one I wrote. It is called Charming Churn Dash and is available for purchase in the Etsy shop.

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