Monday, May 4, 2020

The Graduation Quilt :: A Finish

Well this has been a crazy finish for the class of 2020! My senior has been a real trooper through all this, doing what has to be done for school online and on time without too much nagging by his parents. 

Ms. Spooky Boo has been very happy to have her boy home all day!

They snuggle like this every day! 

And I have his graduation quilt completed! 

I went ahead and gave it to him so he could put it on his bed now. He has been using his Cub Scout quilt that I made him about 10 years ago! We don't even know if he will be able to go off to college in the Fall. Many universities are formulating contingency plans in case students won't be able to be on campus in the Fall. 

For those with inquiring minds, he is going to Western University in Gunnison, Colorado. One last photo of the graduation quilt and the graduate.

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Patti said...

Oh it is absolutely beautiful! The colors are so perfect. Was it a pattern and our did you just figure out by yourself? Either he is lucky to have it and I know it will be cherished for a long time! Hope he gets to go to school.